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We use the Every Child Ready to Read program to encourage caregivers to engage with their children ages 0-5 through early literacy practices.

These are the five simple early literacy practices that will get your child ready to read:

TALK:  Asking open ended questions while reading books, pointing out that everything has a name, and taking the time to speak slowly and wait for a response all help young children expand their vocabularies and learn how to tell their own stories.

SING:  Singing allows children to hear that words are made up of different sounds and is a great way to help young children with transitions like diaper changing, being in the car, or getting ready for bed.

READ: Reading every day with your child is the single best thing you can do to prepare your child to read independently.  Twenty minutes a day is the goal according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

WRITE:  Helping infants open and close their fingers, providing babies and toddlers opportunities to grasp or tear a variety of objects, and encouraging preschoolers to use writing utensils and scissors will help them get ready to write.

PLAY:  Play is the work of a child.  From peek-a-boo and rolling a ball back and forth to giving a child an empty box to explore, play is how a child learns about the world around them.

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