Welcome to the UN-CARD!

Apply for this special online-only account online!

This special online-only account is for NEW accounts only.  To use this form, you must be a resident of Blissfield Township (including the Village of Blissfield), Riga Township, or Ogden Township or of Palmyra Township within the Blissfield Community School District, and you must not have a current regular library account (a library card). Physical residence must be located in the service area.  Mailing address alone may be insufficient for establishing residence.  Additional proof of residency may be required. 

If you wish to apply for a non-resident account, contact the library at 517-486-2858 or info@blissfieldlibrary.org.  There is a fee for a non-resident account: $15 for three months or $50 for a year.  We are working to make online payment of non-resident fees possible annd should have that option available soon.

Patrons with existing library cards may use the number on those cards to access all library online serives.  If you have lost the card or forgotten your library account password (sometimes called a PIN by various online services), call the library at 517-486-2858 to leave a voicemail message or email info@blissfieldlibrary.org.  Email will result in quicker action.  A patron with a currently blocked account will need to resolve the blocks to use online services.

[This account is a emporary account that enables use of library online services only during the extended closing.  When the library re-opens, user must register for a permanent account at the library to continue use. Not valid for physical materials.]

The library will contact you by the email provided on the application when the account is ready to use or if we have questions.