We are open regular hours!

Online programming, content, and access continue. Library building currently in Phase 2.

We have been experiencing trouble with the village's new phone system and calls are often choppy or hard to hear (it's not you - it's us!). Please bear with us as we work out these issues!

[Please note: The library continues to base its policies on recommendations from doctors, including the county health department and the CDC, as well as--but not limited to--the adherence to any government guidelines.  As the library serves a high-risk population, patrons may expect the library's policies to respond to its own particular situation.  We ask for your cooperation as this moment is new to all of us.] 

The library building remains open its regular hours at limited capacity for borrowing and computer use only. No-contact lending and special appointments are available for high-risk patrons.  In order to limit infection risk and spread, following CDC and county health department guidelines, as well as the recent emergency order from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, face coverings are required in the library building.  The face covering rule is similar to our long-standing no-shirt-no-shoes-no-service rule and to our no-wet-bathing-suit rule, both of which exist for health and sanitation.  For the same reasons and following the same advice, the library auditorium is unavailable for rentals.  Copy and fax services are available with fees waived for faxes related to job searches, financial assistance, heath care, and insurance.

The online library at blissfieldlibrary.org offers an impressive collection of downloadable media: books, audiobooks, local and international newspapers, magazines, movies, television, and music. Study a foreign language, research your family tree, or find your high school yearbook. You can also apply for a library account from the website.   

Our online programming includes some great opportunities this fall, including seven weeks of Blissfield Unbound programming for adults and families featuring local experts and performers; StoryTime, Take & Make Crafts, and monthly reading challenges for the kids, as well as the return of Taste the State in hybrid format: the program is virtual, but the beer is real!

In Phase Two of our reopening plan, we cannot yet return to the way we used to be, but as long as everyone follows medially-appropriate social-distancing and face-covering requirements for all patrons and staff, we can provide limited occupancy borrowing and computer use. The occupancy limits allow up to 10 patrons in the building at a time for up to 20 minutes each to choose materials to borrrow.  Please limit your loan requests to 5 items per card at this time. Thank you!  

Public-access computers are available for one person per computer up to 30 minutes per day.  Patrons may both choose items to borrow and use a computer with total time not to exceed 30 minutes per day.  Self-service copy and assited fax servies are also available.  The library building is open for these limited purposes (lending, computer use, document imaging) only.  The idea is to keep viral load and risk of iinfection to a minumum.  We thank you for your understanding.

Meanwhile, library programs will continue streaming on the library’s Facebook page and this website.  Some programs may use Zoom and/or YouTube. Call 517-486-2858 for more information, and visit www.blissfieldlibrary.org for new streaming and downloadable content, for instructions and documents for summer reading, or to apply for a new online library account. 

Vestibule service remains an excellent option.  Simply browse our catalog, then call 517-486-2858 and tell us what you want us to check out for you. We'll check the items out and leave them for you in the vestibule just inside the front door of the library on Lane Street. We'll leave items until 5 pm the next business day. Checkouts are limited to three items out at a time per account.  If someone else is in the vestibule when you arrive, please wait for the vestibule to be empty before entering and maintain a safe distance of at lease six-feet while waiting. We encourage masks even outside. Masks, by reducing the risk of infection and spread, will allow us to keep the library open.  All holds placed online will be held for you at the front desk by default.  If you wish to pick up the items you reserved online from the vestibule instead of from the front desk, just give us a call and we'll check the items out and leave them in the vestibule until 5pm the next business day.

We will also offer limited service by appointment for high-risk patrons before the library opens on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:30-10:30 am. Call 517-486-2858 for information or to make an appointment.

Please return all items to the book drop NOT the vestibule or the front desk. All returned items are quarantined for four days, so we try to keep returning items separate from items going out. We encourage you to return items promptly, including any held since the closing began, to increase access for your fellow patrons. Fines are suspended on all items due from March 1 - July 31, 2020.

Register for new library cards online.  The button is at the top of your screen.  You will be able to use online services as soon as we process the account, even before you get the card or even if you never get a card.  If you'd like a card to check out physical materials, just email info@blissfieldlibrary.org after you have submitted your application, and we'll contact you to schedule a pick up window.  We'll have your card ready for you. and ask you to sign your application that we will have printed out,   You'll also want to sign your card for security.   Non-residents pay a non-resident fee: $15 for three months or $50 for a full year.  You may pay the non-resident fee by credit card online at blissfieldlibrary.org under the "About SHML" tab.

Free with your library card or new UN-CARD:

Find new content at the Media on Demand tab from RBDigital and Kanopy, along with all the existing content from Woodlands Downloadable Library (OverDrive/Libby), Freegal music, and Hoopla.

  • At the Reference/Instruction tab, find links to local, national, and international newspapers at Access World News, learn a foreign language at Mango Languages, and research your family tree at America's Genealogy Bank. 

Find streaming programming including StoryTime, featuring our own Dixie Andres,  Blissfield Unbound: Online Programs from the Library, sponsored by Brown & Son's Roofing & Siding and D&N Upholstery, and Taste the State, sponsored by Chris Mallow, DDS, and Blissfield Insurance Agency, which will feature hybrid events with an online program coupled with actual tasting samples that will be picked up from local businesses.  Search @blisslibrary on Facebook.    A program schedule is available on the Facebook page and in the Blissfield Advance.

The library public wifi network, SHML_Public, is available outside the library and requires no log-in.  We are working on a plan to extend the range of our public wifi, as well.

Contact the library at info@blissfieldlibrary.org, by calling 517-486-2858, or by leaving a message or post on our Facebook page.

Stay safe.  Stay well.

See our full re-opening policy here.  See our reopening plan and procedure as it develops here.

Re-opening history:

June 8, 2020: Entered Phase One

June 17, 2020: Entered Phase Two

The Latest from the Library's Facebook page (@blisslibrary):

Create with Derica Sisung and Peg Whiting, StoryTime with Miss Dixie, and more!

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Did you know?

The password you set up when you got your library card is what you use to access online services when the service asks for a PIN. We can reset your PIN to the default if you've forgotten it. We cannot retrieve your password. Sometimes, depending on the service, it's a two-step process. Step One: you will use your library card number (the barcode on the back) and possibly your PIN (password) to unlock access to registration for the service. Then, Step Two, you sign up for the service with a login or username (often an email) and a password you create. If you have any questions, have forgotten your password, or are getting messages about access denial, send an email to info@blissfieldlibrary.org. Or message us on FB or call 517-486-2858 and leave a message.