Announcing Summer Reading 2021 with artwork by award-winning illustrator, Salina Yoon!


Every year our hometown library brings the summer reading program to our community.  All you have to do is Sign UP, ReAd, and WIN!

5 Benefits from doing the summer reading program:

1. Young children will gain self-confidence and a love for reading, books, and the library.

2. The groundwork will be laid for children to become lifelong readers and learners.

3. Entire families will have the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate summer reading programs.

4. Completion of the program will give children a sense of accomplishment and belonging.

5. Parents and caregivers will gain knowledge about early literacy and learning activities at the library that they can continue at home.



When the time approaches you can either register on-line or pick up your registration form at the library.

Game your Goals!

After Registration you will receive a Summer Reading Log Sheet, Time Keeper Color Page, and a Game Board to help achieve your summer reading goals!  For 2020 we played BOOKOPOLY!



Complete challenges and get your name entered into the Silver Treasure Chest Drawing.  Prizes include gifts, games, and other fun stuff!


Complete the ultimate challenges and get your name in the Gold Treasure Chest Drawing.  Prizes include book bag prizes,  local business gift certificates and Amazon Gift Cards!

Gold Challenge 1- Turn in your logsheet/ time keeper color page at the end of the Summer Reading Program.

Gold Challenge 2- Turn in your game board completed.

Gold Challenge 3- Do the Writer's Prompt Challenge.


Summer Reading Program Events

Join us for some wonderful Summer Reading Adventures!  Special events include Special Summer Storytimes, Make & Takes, Special Guest Speakers, and more!


Summer Reading Finale

Reading Logsheets, Time Keeper Color Sheets, and Game Boards are due anytime during the 1st week of August!  Be sure to turn them in. . . there are some great prizes to be had!  When you turn them in your name goes into the Gold Chest Drawing and if your name is drawn you could win an Amazon Gift Card!  We will also be drawing names for Book Bag Prizes!